Yoga For Everybody

In Person &  Virtual

In Person Block April 20th - May 27th

(Please register in the correct class, virtual vs live, Thank you)

Tuesdays & Thursdays

9 - 10:15 am EST

A yoga class to address your strength, flexibility and balance needs. Along with these physical benefits, this class also cultivates balance of mind & breath. Blocks, blankets and straps are utilized so that physical poses can be obtained with decreased strain allowing individual to explore their possibilities. This class is accessible to most as modifications are offered to personalize the practice. 
Recommended - two blocks or books that can mimic, a strap or belt, and a blanket or towel.


Joint Friendly Yoga Virtual


10 - 11 am  EST

A yoga practice to ease the effects of aging and stress on joints. Folks who are afflicted with various arthritis and practice mindful yoga regularly can reduce joint pain, improve flexibility and function. Yoga helps us to maintain mobility or range of joints, maintain strength around joints and be very low impact to ease stress on joints. This class will adjust weight bearing to accommodate sensitive joints and fully utilize yoga props to support overall well-being and mobility. Please have a yoga mat, strap, yoga blocks, a yoga chair and some wall/counter space available as additional props.    


3 Pillars of Yoga Virtual


10 - 11:15 am  EST

Yoga is based on much more then physical movements.  The three pillars for this class are asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath practice) and meditation (seated stillness). It is these 3 pillars of practice that allow one to explore the deeper aspects of life, themselves & how it all flows together. Both asana & pranayama prepare the mind to meet stillness that allows us to recognize  the truest essence of who we are. 

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 Virtual  Class Passes

Class Rates

Drop In - $15
5 Class Pass - $65 (good for 4 weeks)
15 Class Pass - $165 (good for 10 weeks)

All packages expire, are non transferable & non - refundable.


 In Person Class Passes

In Person Block April 20th - May 28th, 10 Classes

Class Rates

Drop In - $16
4 Class Pass - $56 (good for the block of live offerings)
8 Class Pass - $96 (good for the block of live offerings)

All packages expire, are non transferable & non - refundable.


How to set up Zoom and enroll for classes

  • Go to, download and install the app on your device. Be sure to use the same email as you have in Wix.

  • For the best experience possible you will want to join from a device that has a video camera and microphone. You also need a strong bandwidth for the live video to maintain the best quality. Initially you will be able to chat with one another, however during class everyone will be muted during the session to help with sound quality.

  • You will need to preregister on Ubindi so that you will receive link for class.

  • This can be done by clicking link above. 

  • Fifteen minutes before class, the zoom chat room will open.