Yoga For Everybody

Tuesdays & Thursdays

9 -10:15 am 

Saturday morning has been relabeled to 3 Pillars of Yoga

A virtual group yoga class that is modifiable to fit almost all levels. The intention is to help practitioners develop and understand their body, mobility, and have an experience that is all their own! The virtual platform will allow us all to maintain community and the practices. Props are still used, if you do not have props, there are plenty of house hold items that can substitute. 
Recommended - two blocks or books that can mimic, a strap or belt, and a blanket or towel.

Stability & Stamina With The Wall


10:00 - 11:10 am 

Poses will include standing, sitting, lying down & variations of mild supported inversions. The practice is oriented towards challenging one physically & mentally. The wall provides support while allowing one to challenge their strength & stamina. 
Poses will be held to build strength & help ground oneself. Mindful controlled movements will help to develop ease within the efforts.

Restoring Balance


3-4 pm

This hour is Tanya going through a restorative practice with you. I am creating an hour where we can do fewer poses and spend more time in the poses receiving the benefits of a restorative practice. I set up the pose and settle in right along with you. Also I will talk through what I am experiencing on the mat and I hope it will expand your experiences. 
 Required for this class - 1 bolster or a few pillows from around the house, 2 blocks, 2 blankets or large towels and an 8' or 10' yoga strap. We will also occasionally use a folded chair.

3 Pillars of Yoga


9 -10:15 am 

Yoga is based on much more then movement. In this class we will begin the practice with physical movements, asana that will prepare us to end with some seated breath-work, pranayama and end with the opportunity to sit in stillness, meditation. 

The movement part of the practice is much like Yoga for Everybody, we are just expanding to integrate more of the benefits of yoga!

 Virtual Group Classes

No Classes from 7/8-7/13

See you again on the 14th


Class Rates

Drop In - $15
5 Class Pass - $65 (good for 5 weeks)
10 Class Pass - $110 (good for 8 weeks)
All packages expire, are non transferable & non - refundable.

How to set up Zoom and enroll for classes

  • Go to, download and install the app on your device. Be sure to use the same email as you have in Wix.

  • For the best experience possible you will want to join from a device that has a video camera and microphone. You also need a strong bandwidth for the live video to maintain the best quality. Initially you will be able to chat with one another, however during class everyone will be muted during the session to help with sound quality.

  • You will need to preregister so that you can be accounted for in class.

  • This can be done by signing on to the website. You may use your class pass or pay for a drop-in. If you plan to use a drop-in please email me so we can connect for payment.

  • Fifteen minutes before class, the zoom chat room will open.

Zoom Link

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 791 392 2684
Password: 865632

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