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 Group Classes 

All Group classes are held at the Methodist Church on Pine Island Rd unless otherwise designated. 

Monday Mornings class, 1/13 is canceled due to family emergency.

Apologies for the inconvenience

Yoga For Everybody

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 9-10:15 am

This class includes lying down movements, kneeling & seated poses along with standing poses. Variations to tailor a practice are offered throughout. This class is intended to be accessible to most, however if the ability to transition on and off the floor is limited, you may consider private yoga sessions initially.

Finding Balance For The Season


9:00-10:10 am

This class is comprised of gentle milder yoga asanas, intermixed with restorative postures. Restorative postures are beneficial because they assist the body in reducing deeply held tension through the use of props. When the body is supported and nurtured, the willingness to let go emerges, 
Required for this class - 1 bolster, 2 blocks, 2 blankets and strap. Please bring your props as the availability of props is limited. 
There are only 12 bolsters for this class. The booking goes to 12 for those that need to reserve bolsters. Bolster will go to those that have reserved a spot.

If you have your own props please just arrive for class rather then sign in. 

Balanced Strength with Charlotte 



9-10:15 am

Poses will include standing, sitting & lying down. The practice is oriented towards the use of props to assist you in finding your body's center of balance. Poses will be held to build strength & tone the muscles. Mindful controlled movements will help to develop balance all the while improving flexibility.

 Special Events & Workshops 


Crystal Bowl Sounds

Tuesday Evening Jan 28th


6-6:45 pm                $15      

Experience the healing power of sound vibration with quartz crystal singing bowls. Participants will lie down comfortably or sit while the frequencies reverberate throughout the body, bringing it back into a state of harmonic resonance and promoting deep relaxation and healing on all levels. Jenny will also channel the healing energy of Reiki during the group session to promote even more healing during the evening.


*** Items To Bring***

If you plan to lie down, bring a yoga mat, pillow and a cozy cover up for comfort during the event. 

Sitting, plan on bringing a wrap or blanket to keep comfortable. 

Self Care Practices

Saturday Feb 1st          1-3 pm

$40 pre-register, $45 day of       

This 2 hour workshop is comprised of a bit of movement, awareness exercises, foam rolling and energy boost self care techniques to nurture ourselves at home for better health.

The workshop will begin with learning a few awareness practices to help us see how the self care techniques can bring us a better sense of well-being.  Then some gentle stretches and movements for the body to warm up or for when the foam roller isn't available to you. From there you will learn stretches and stability exercises using a foam roller to help create stability in the central region of the body and release muscular tension and overall stress. Using the foam roller you have the opportunity to melt the tissues through held positions and create stability & strength with various movements on the foam roller. We will also use a racket ball to roll out and massage our own hands and feet, decreasing further tension.​

Energy Boost Self Care techniques will also be taught. The Energy Boost Self-Care techniques are rooted in tried and true access to the acupressure meridian systems of the body. Many of the EBSC Techniques use the access point of various meridians to facilitate the movement of energy. intentional Movement of Energy often removes the blocks in energy within the body which can be experienced as body pain or stiffness, mental and emotional stress,  lack of focus and concentration and so on. 

Please join me for your chance to have more self help tools available for better wellness. 

***Items to Bring***

A 36" softer density foam roller is required to participate. You can order yours on Amazon prior to workshop.

Nature Spirit Drums Sound Experience

Saturday February 8th


4-5 pm                $20      

You will be bathed in sounds to heal your body mind & soul. We all have a vibration and that vibration is the signature of our overall well-being. When our vibrations fall out of balance, we can be "off" in our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Vibration sounds can bring us back into balance with the natural rhythm of ourselves.


*** Items To Bring***

If you plan to lie down, bring a yoga mat, pillow and a cozy cover up for comfort during the event. 

Sitting, plan on bringing a wrap or blanket to keep comfortable. 

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