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All Group classes are held at the Methodist Church on Pine Island Rd. 

Yoga For Everybody

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 9-10:15 am

This class includes lying down movements, kneeling & seated poses along with standing poses. Variations to tailor a practice are offered throughout. This class is intended to be accessible to most, however if the ability to transition on and off the floor is limited, you may consider private yoga sessions initially.

Restore Balance

Wednesday - Last class 11/20

5:30-6:40 pm

An accessible class intended to restore balance to the body & mind after a full day, settling you in for the remainder of your evening with a restorative pose.

Change Your Yoga Perspective - $20

To Be Announced

A 90 min instructional yoga class intended to help you refine your current practice and explore the possibilities of what may be missing from your personal practice.

Face your unknown on the yoga mat.
As we appear to know less & less of the happenings around us, it is helpful to develop a relationship with our unknown so that we may be better balanced with the changes around us. In this practice we will move in & out of yoga poses that go beyond our usual yoga vocabulary. 

This class is intended to challenge you physically & mentally, a prior consistent practice is required. 

Balanced Strength with Charlotte 

Mondays & Wednesdays

9-10:15 am

Poses will include standing, sitting & lying down. The practice is oriented towards the use of props to assist you in finding your body's center of balance. Poses will be held to build strength & tone the muscles. Mindful controlled movements will help to develop balance all the while improving flexibility.

Restore Yin & Roll

Your Way Into Balance

To Be Announced

A class intended to unwind the body & mind. The class is comprised of yoga movements that are supported with props to help release skeletal muscular tension. Foam rolling is included to assist the connective tissues in releasing along with the muscular system. 
A 36" Foam Roller is required to participate. Some are available for purchase or on Amazon.